Hello my name’s Tom Smith

I’m a freelance web designer operating in the Sleaford area.


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Tom Smith

Who is Tom Smith?

Hi my name is Tom Smith and I am from Sleaford, Lincolnshire. I’m currently working as a SEO Lead for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK. I am also passionate about helping create websites for businesses in the Sleaford area.

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been working within the SEO industry for over four years now, and have considerable experience working with many industries and business models. In my day to day job I work to deliver growth for massive brands, but I love working with small to medium sized business.

Why? Most small businesses have little digital strategy, but what’s more, their competitors also lack direction online. This means with my expertise and a bit of hard work, we can get massive gains and take advantage of the wide-open market, to establish you as a strong presence in the local area.

Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

I’m so much more than just web design and SEO. Whether you are looking to make the jump to moving your business online, or you just want someone to check your current strategy is on the right lines, get in touch and we can talk about your options.

I’m straight-talking, and care as much that you understand the process as I do. If your current provider is all smoke and mirrors without clear explanations as to what they’re doing with your money, get in touch and I can review it for you, or even just provide you with the knowledge to do it yourself.

I am a digital expert

Here are some of the successes I’ve had in my 4+ years online

600% Visibility Increase

Top 10 Floral delivery website.
Work completed included penalty recovery through link audit, site migration activity and on-page optimisation.

415% Return on Ad Spend

Motor-sporting event.
Event promotion through social advertising. Leads were first qualified before being pushed for conversion to lower total spend.

56% Revenue Increase

Online Jewellery Retailer.
Work completed included creation of landing pages for demand fulfilment, streamlining of website architecture and link building.

35% Increase on Leads

UK’s Largest Cleaning Franchise.
A holistic campaign of technical changes, local SEO, as well as on and off page optimisation contributed to big YOY gains.

How can I help you?

Business Strategy

We can work together to create a digital strategy which gives you clear direction as to how you will meet your goals.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You have resources to invest but are unsure if your current efforts are best for ROI
  • You want to bring your business online but are unsure where to start
  • You are looking for a second opinion, or additional skilled resources but cannot afford a retained relationship.

Online Marketing

Through both social media and search engines, we can put your product/service in front of your ideal customer.

We’ll start by identifying your targeted persona. Then we will use a combination of SEO (search engine optimisation), paid adverts and social media to get your service in front of potential customers.

We’ll make sure everyone knows who you are and why they need to buy from you.

Web Design

Every company needs to have a website. We can work together to ensure that we bring you online in the easiest way possible. I will even provide training on how to maintain and update your site, but if you think this is too much, then I can be on hand to make the necessary changes if required.


Call me on 07745680146 and let’s have a chat

or use the contact form below to email me directly.